The Importance of Professional Prints

Why do you charge $7 when I can get it for $3 at Walgreens?

This is the question we receive so often. So, why would we?

Large companies like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Costco all use low quality printers. Their coloring is all over the place. You submit your order, the printer starts shooting out your images in less than an hour, they are collected and put in a bag (without even being reviewed by the staff). More often than not, your images will look discolored, usually with a green tint. Not only that, but they do not last for years and years as they would with a professional printer.

When you print through a professional grade printer, you receive high quality products that are guaranteed to last. The colors are pristine and the images are checked and re-checked by the lab’s staff to make sure everything matches and looks phenomenal.

We put this to the test for you. Below are some comparisons of our images printed on 5×7 with Walgreens and our professional lab. Just so you can see it for yourself.


The top ones are from Walgreens, and the bottom ones are from our professional lab.

On this first one, you can see how blown out the highlights and exposure are in the Walgreens print.

Take a look at the greens on this one. The Walgreens print is very blue.

Wow, what a difference!

I rotated this one so that you could compare the greens back to back.