What to Wear for Your Knoxville Family Photos

This is something we get asked a lot! What should we wear to our session? Honestly, we are SO GLAD that you ask. Many times, it is your first time ever being photographed professionally. These photos are going to go up on your walls, and all over social media. You definitely want to look your best!

Our first rule of thumb: NO PATTERNS
Patterns are very clashy and do not photograph well. Take it lightly, though. If you have some patterns, that’s definitely ok! We STRONGLY recommend that you do not wear any clothing with words, images, or large logos on them.

Second: Match, but don’t over-do it.
We love color coordination! But everyone in orange tops with jeans doesn’t look good. Instead, try an orange button up for dad with jeans or khakis, an orange maxi dress with a brown or white kimono for mom, brown or white dress for daughter, and a brown shirt with jeans/khakis for son! Everyone will coordinate perfectly, without looking exactly the same!
Choosing two colors that go great together added with neutral colors will be your perfect recipe for a successful coordination!