It is no secret that sparkler exits are popular right now. We have shot so many weddings with sparkler exits. They are definitely awesome and make for a cool shot! Want to learn a little wedding hack?

As most of your probably already know, there are special sparklers for wedding exits that last a lot longer than the standard Fourth of July sparkler. About 90% of our brides already have that part down.

BUT, when the time comes to light the sparklers, we see many people looking for lighters. How in the world can you light 100 sparklers with 3 lighters? It is extremely frustrating and there’s only so much time!

We second shot a wedding last weekend for Waldorf Photographic Art over at Scatterridge Lodge and they had such an amazing attachment on their sparklers! I will let the photo speak for itself.


wedding sparklers


We did a little bit of research to find where they purchased these, because they were so nifty! Each tag has it’s own strike pad so everyone can light their own at the same time! Can you say BRILLIANT?!

Here is a link to an Etsy listing we found


And, just for funsies, here is an image from their sparkler exit.


gatlinburg sparkler exit


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